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The Ces Act Search feature is positioned in the head section of every page so that it can be accessed at all times. It is an an intuitive search feature that works in a number of ways:


  1. By clicking on the search for acts button the search will return all records from the database
  2. Type in a search term such as "Red" and click the button, the search will return all acts with the word "Red" in it's name and keywords.
  3. Use the type dropdown to select the type you would like to search this will populate the style dropdown with the relevant styles related to that type, such as "Type selected = Lookalike, the style dropdown would return Bing Crosby, Jon Cleese, Poirot etc". Then click the button to view that search.
  4. Combine points 1 and 2 so that you can look for a search term of "Red", a type of "Magician" and a style of "Close up" for example. This will return a very refined search.

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