Caribbean Themed Party


Reggae Man


A Caribbean themed party can take several different forms and they can be as low key or as up-beat as you require. 


Complete Entertainment Services Ltd, Entertainment Agency supply Caribbean Entertainers suitable for a Caribbean Themed Party ranging from Steel Pan Bands, Limbo Dancers, Reggae Bands and for People interested in Cross over styles some of the UK’s best Ska Tributes and Ska Bands are also listed with this Entertainment Agency and are highly suitable for a Caribbean Themed Party.  


Typically a classic Caribbean themed party booked via our Entertainment Agency will include a Steel Pan Band who can organise dancing competitions between your guests and even Limbo Dance.
Tropical Heatwave
For those looking to authenticate their Caribbean themed party we can include Limbo Dancers who will professionally Dance in the Caribbean style for the guests and start the competition.

In both instances prizes will be awarded to the guests to take home if you book the private limbo dancer or not.

The Entertainment Agency also supplies Reggae Evenings for the typical Caribbean Themed Party and those looking for a chilled dance to recognisable tunes our Reggae bands on offer will adapt their band size to suit your venue and specific Themed Party requirements.

If you have any further questions about Caribbean themed parties please do Email Us with Dates, Budgets and your general party ideas.