Arabian Themed Party


Arabic Music


An Arabian Themed Party is extremely popular for many different reasons. These events can happily take place at any time of year and are even suited to the Festive Christmas Season.


Arabian Themed Parties can be as simple or as intricate as you may require. Belly Dance is a typical ingredient and this may be all that you require but if you wish to further the experience for your guests you may care to include some of the following options for your Arabian Themed Party:


Belly Dance


Snake Charmers, Sitar Players, Divination Egyptian Sand Readers for those persons present interested in knowing their future and to have a little unusual fun, Arabic Musicians and much much more will add charm to the Arabian Theme.

We can also arrange to have your venue decorated suitably to the Arabian theme and recommend when booking such events as this that you work with a team of performers who regularly work together alongside the decorators to ensure the Themed Party is one to remember!

Snake CharmerPlease Email Us with any questions relating to Arabian Themed Parties.


We can arrange calls between you and the decorators of  Arabian Themed Parties and also have links to dancers who have danced for Kings, Queens, Prince's, Sultans and in the same breath performed at Restaurants for regular diners out.


You maybe able to personally secure a performer who has performed for such persons at highly competitive prices through this agency. 


If you have a budget in mind we will always work to your strict instruction, So please Email Us with any questions that you may have relating to your planned Arabian Themed Party.