Garden Parties & Mid Summer Tea Parties

Holding a garden party is a great way to entertain. It allows space for the Children to play and guests to mix & mingle whilst watching entertainment. So with all that space why not get creative and have a superb Garden Party!!

CES have a wealth of experience; we can supply any type of entertainment you can think and can’t think of. If you want to take some of the pressures off then come to us for a stress free booking.


ParatCaricaturists are extremely popular at events be them birthday parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, trade shows and even Garden Parties.


They are popular due to their flexibility. There is no need to have electricity so as long as you have plenty of cover outside to protect them from the weathers a caricaturist will draw your guests whilst they have fun outside.


A caricaturist has the ability to capture the true likeness of anyone in a cartoon form which is often very funny and uncanny in its result.


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Strolling BandStrolling Jazz Band

A strolling jazz band is a great choice for your Garden Party they are classy, dynamic and people of all ages can enjoy the entertainment they bring.


With no need for amplification a strolling Jazz band can entertain crowds in every corner of your garden party.


Classic outfits and a smile on their faces the strolling jazz band will bring summer to your garden party.


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Garden Games

 Bouncy Castle

Be it a Portable bouncy castle, Outdoor chess, Snakes & Ladders, the list is endless.


Garden games are active and fun and can generate much interaction between guests.


If you have children present at your party they will be entertained for hours with such games.


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Caribbean Band


TropicalCaribbean music encompasses many different styles such as Reggae, Calypso and Salsa.


If you want to create a tropical sound that is purely instrumental and natural then look no further.


Your guests will be sure to know and love many of the recognisable tunes and with no need for amplification outdoors there is nothing better than the rolling sounds of the steel pans.


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