School Disco Themed Party


School Disco

A School Disco Themed Party is an extremely interesting and versatile theme if your planning a fun party for friends, family or even at your very own function venue.


We have been asked in recent years to work with School and College Committees arranging School reunion events to great success and would recommend a School Disco Themed Party for such an event.


The School Disco Themed Party if held at a club or hotel is often an event attended by many guests who purchase tickets.


If you are looking for an interesting selling point for your School Disco Themed Party why not have a Lock and Key Party.
School Sign
Sounds crazy but these style Parties are proving extremely popular and when you combine them with the School Disco Themed Party they can really generate interest from clients who have perhaps not visited your venue before.

A Lock and Key Party would consist of Girls being awarded upon entry in to your venue a chain to place around their neck all boys that would enter the venue would also have a chain with a key on.

The first boy and girl to successfully locate their evening match will win a prize.


Lock and Key Party

Some venues would arrange prizes for First, Second and Third to keep the game going throughout the evening but this is optional depending on what you are looking for for your School Disco Themed Party.


Complete Entertainment Services are happy to help with School reunions or simply to supply a suitable Disco.


If you have any questions please do let us know we are happy to speak to you about the School Disco Theme and how you can affectively achieve the perfect event for your guests.


Please Email Us for more details about School Disco Themed Parties.