Valentines Party


Valentines Lolly Pops

Valentines Day does not only have to be about cards, chocolates and flowers. Alas Valentines Day can be about so much more.


We have all heard the saying actions speak louder than words and venues across the UK supply Valentines Entertainment for the special event once a year.


Often we find that Valentines Day falls mid week and this can be difficult for attendees due to work constraints.



Here at Complete Entertainment Services we arrange many Valentines parties and these are often booked the Saturday before the 14th February and the Saturday.

This means guests don’t have to get up for work the following day and that the venue has two weekends to capitalise on the party.

If you own a restaurant, hotel or simple venue Complete Entertainment Services has the right Valentines Entertainment for your planned party.


Let Complete Entertainment Services Book All Of Your Valentines Party Entertainers

Complete Entertainment Services are here to guide you in the right direction. Allow us to throw some Valentines Entertainment ideas your way and we promise you will not be disappointed!

As an Entertainment Agency we only supply Party Entertainment that is workable with your specified budget. We recommend you recommend us of your expectations and we will proceed with researching Valentines Entertainment for your party for you.

Please see below a list of Valentines Entertainment suggestions:

Valentines harpist
Valentines Theme Harpist

Valentines Theme Classical guitarists

Valentines Theme String Quartet 

Valentines Theme String Duo 

Valentines Theme String Trio 

Valentines Theme Musical Duo specialising in Love Songs 

Valentines Decorated Chocolate Fountain 

Lovers Themed Disco (or normal disco)

Valentines Personalised Fireworks 

Valentines Themed Soul Band 

Valentines Themed Mow Town Fuction Band

And much much more Valentines Themed Entertainment, all you need do is simply ask.