Weddings present an abundance of parties. There are many events that take place like engagement parties, wedding showers, Jack and Jills, bachelorette and bachelor parties and rehearsal parties. And of course the big event, the wedding reception.

Engagement Parties

Engagement parties are primarily the celebration of a couple that has recently got engaged to be married. Quite often, the parents of the bride host the engagement party. However, if an engaged couple is living together, they may host this event themselves. Another purpose for this event is so the two families can meet, if not already done so, and become acquainted. There are many things you can plan to do at an engagement party to help the guests interact. It can be a social, where guests enjoy drinks, appetizers and converse. Another option if the weather is nice is a pool party and barbecue for a more casual, relaxed setting. You can also incorporate playing fun; wedding themed games.

Jack and Jill Events

It is very common today for the Maid of Honour and the Best man to plan a Jack and Jill event. This event has many variations. Both the Bride and Groom are celebrated jointly. Normally admission tickets are sold in advance and at the door to help generate a monetary gift for the couple. This can be quite a big event, including food, drinks, money-generating games, draws and raffles.

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Typically a bachelorette party is attended by the Bride and other females. This can range from a house party to attending a local bar for a night out. The Bride is usually identified by a hat, banner or some form of clothing to draw attention to her.

Bachelor Parties

A Bachelor Party is a party to celebrate the Groom and his upcoming marriage. The party is attended by men only, usually the groomsmen and Fathers of the Bride and Groom. Some bachelor parties are house parties where the men drink and perhaps play poker, even just a casual night out for dinner.

Rehearsal Party

Traditionally the night before the big event of the wedding, the Bride and Groom, their parents and the full wedding party attend the church or location where the wedding will be held, to rehearse the wedding ceremony. This is normally followed by a rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Reception

The big event. This takes the largest amount of planning. Meal and seating arrangements are the biggest feats. Music is provided, and dancing is enjoyed by all.