There are undoubtedly several different ways in which a couple can plan for entertainment that will take place at their wedding. Traditional weddings are not as common today as they once were. This means the wedding entertainment has gone beyond being traditional as well.

The Officiator

In most cases, the entertainment for the wedding follows the taking of the vows and the meal. In one particular wedding, this was reversed. The real entertainment was the officiator, who happened to be the star of the “Stranger Things.” Not only did he officiate the wedding, but he did it in full costume. Now, this is out of the norm, but there are plenty of other wedding ideas which will make the day all the more memorable.


A lot of money is spent on the flowers and the decor of the wedding. The cost for these could be cut back a little and replaced with a spectacular fireworks show. This would be the height of the entertainment for the wedding. Ideally, it could take place as the newlywed couple are leaving the venue en route for their honeymoon.

Photo Booth

Something which is becoming quite popular is to allow guests to have their photos taken at the wedding. But, not in the traditional way. Instead, they can make use of a photo booth, where all kinds of props are readily available for them to use. This way, they have a “take away” from the wedding that will be a real keepsake. It might even replace the need for the bride and groom to have to purchase gifts, which are common at traditional weddings.


Of course, the guests are going to want to spend some time dancing. Not all guests will want to fill the entire evening doing this. As a way of perhaps breaking up the monotony, having a magic show take place halfway through the reception creates a wonderful change of pace. It allows the guests to gather their breath, so they can enjoy the remainder of the night dancing to their heart’s content.

Awards Ceremony

Speeches are a common occurrence at a wedding venue. To make these more interesting, they could be followed by a rewards ceremony which involves the guests. Small awards could be given for the best-dressed guest, the one with the best hairdo, or the best shoes. More ideas are easily added to this.


A good DJ will be able to fill in as a somewhat comedian, but for the best entertainment, think about hiring a professional. Just fifteen minutes to a half-hour is all it will take to impress your guests. It will certainly be something unexpected but well appreciated; provided the comedian is good at what they do.


The majority of the guests are going to expect the same old things which take place at many weddings. After the wedding feast, the bride and groom will be expected to take their first dance together. However, if they perform a choreographed dance event, it will wow and entertain the guests.

The whole idea today about wedding entertainment is that anything goes. It is really just up to the bride and groom to be creative. The ideas here are only for starters, as there are many more which could be considered, and they don’t have to be expensive.