One thing which every new bride and groom soon discover is how expensive a wedding can be, even if it is on a small scale. As a result, a lot of wedding couples have become creative at cutting the costs of their big day without sacrificing all the essential aspects of it.


One of the certainly more expensive aspects of a wedding is the food which is going to be served. There are plenty of resources that can be used for finding great ideas for planning a wedding on a budget. It can begin by cutting some of the costs in areas such as food, so more money can be spent on entertainment.


Another cost which can be substantial is that which is allotted for the DJ, who is usually paid by the hour. The number of hours can be reduced by replacing some of them with karaoke. Most of the wedding guests, after having a few drinks, will be loosened up, and quite prepared to belt out a tune or two. At the very least, it will be loads of fun and entertaining.


It can be difficult to keep guests entertained even when there is good music. Having a few contests on the go will spark their interest. A simple one would be a dance-off. Or, perhaps a dance contest, making sure to throw in some golden oldies for the more mature guests. Even those who don’t participate will be greatly entertained by those who do.

Speciality Dances

There are undoubtedly so many different types of dancing styles today that most of the guests will not be familiar with all of them. Get a few of the guests who are comfortable with some dances, such as line dancing, to give some quick lessons to the wedding guests. Then, with the appropriate music, let them go to it. They may not all master it, but it will be a ton of fun to see them try.

These are just a few suggestions, and you may want to give some thought to this yourself to come up with something different.